Carlos Gamez de Francisco

Carlos Gamez de Francisco was born in post-revolutionary Cuba. His desire to become an artist emerged at the age of five when he found himself creating abstract drawings of real-life concepts at his family’s kitchen table. His work is heavily influenced by his early academic experiences, which were informed by a Russian Academy style of training. Carlos studied to be a dancer for three years before committing fully to the visual arts. 


At the age of 21, Carlos relocated to the United States in order to allow his artistic pursuits to flourish. After four months of dedication to painting and learning english, his career took off when he hosted his first solo exhibition. He attributes the opportunities found in America as key to his continued success. This can be seen throughout his portfolio, which discusses themes of freedom, financial inequality, and female empowerment. 


Driven by history and storytelling of personal memories, the series available at Bakova Gallery challenges established norms and traditional concepts of beauty. Carlos’ work is imaginative, self-expressive, symbolic, and uniquely nostalgic. Insects are a signature motif that can be seen throughout his paintings and each depiction has a distinct meaning. Carlos currently lives and works in Kentucky. He is a nationally and internationally recognized artist. 


Bakova Gallery is honored to represent several of Carlos’ masterpieces, which can currently be found in our second floor gallery space overlooking the heart of historic downtown Hillsborough, NC. Contact us to set up an appointment and view Carlos’ work in person.